WordPress began as a theme for blogging, but gradually it gained popularity, and with a few modifications it was incorporated into website themes. Today an e-commerce template is, incomplete without word press. It has become a new method to create and manage content. Today the key focus of any e-commerce website is the content that it portrays and that also becomes the distinguishing feature of the website.  When a business is looking for templates for websites, it should be kept in mind that the template is according to the requirement of the website and the products that will be sold. To be able to create themes for e-commerce websites it is important that you have installed word press. You can create a word press e commerce theme by following the simple steps:

  • The first and the foremost step that you have to follow is to setup a WordPress account on the hosting account that you have used to register your domain name.
  • You then need to install the plugin that is responsible for the e-commerce part of the website. These plug-ins help in setting up the three most important pages of any e commerce website. The product page, the shopping cart and the checkout page.
  • You can easily add relevant plug-ins, from the dash board.
  • Once you have downloaded the plugin, you have to enter basic information about your store and details about the location of the store and other relevant details.
  • After adding details about your store, you need to upload your products and product details. You have the option of adding categories, sub categories and as well as different groups on the pages.
  • After you have added details about your products you need to add the shipping and tax details. You have to add the shipping partners if you are providing the shipping. The prices that you mention under each product is tax exclusive or tax inclusive these details also need to be mentioned beforehand.
  • Then comes the most important part you need to add the payment methods that you are going to include for your store. The variety of payments means that you need to add more options and details relevant to each payment method. This is a very crucial part, as needs to be secure and properly detailed so that the customers are not confused.
  • Your store is all set now. You can always go back and edit the details and add more products whenever you need.